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Moisturize your dry skin with these wonderful oils



Oils for dry skin

Winter comes and comes with it the feeling of dryness and cracking of the skin, then you start looking for treatments and moisturizers to treat your skin, but the choice is yours in this case, natural oils. They are the best options for treating dry skin and getting rid of its roughness.

Moisturize your dry skin with these wonderful oils

It is possible to use natural oils for oily skin as well, but with care to put a few of them, it was known that these oils cause grains for people with oily skin, but it has been proven just the opposite, as it is possible to obtain moist and more healthy skin with reasonable use of it.

Oils to moisturize dry skin

We will mention to you the best oils for moisturizing dry skin.

maracuja oil

This oil is extracted from the passion fruit, and it is rich in vitamin C and linoleic acid. These minerals are very effective in moisturizing the skin, as they absorb inflammation and reduce annoying itching.

 Therefore, this oil is a good choice for treating dry skin, especially in winter.

Grape seed oil

Grape oil contains important nutrients such as vitamin C, and it also contains anti-inflammatory, so it is an effective formula in moisturizing the skin. It is usable for all skin types, including dry skin, as it works to unify the combination skin and make it more moisturized.

Also, one of its benefits is that it works to combat the signs of aging, whether the lines around the eyes, forehead or neck, and this is what made it so popular.

argan oil

This oil is extracted from the argan trees found in Morocco. Studies have proven its ability to make the skin more supple and tender, because it contains linoleic acid that fights inflammation and vitamin H that soothes irritation and inflammation of the skin.

 It also contains oleic acid, which has the ability to reduce the secretion of sebum, so it is an ideal solution for people who are afraid of the appearance of pimples on the face. It also moisturizes the skin and protects it from the appearance of scars and lines.

Olive oil (for face and body)

Olive oil is known to be an effective treatment for skin problems, especially dry skin. Rich in fatty acids that dry skin needs, this nutritional oil is an intense moisturizer. 

In addition, it contains palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, and these acids treat the skin from inflammation and sensitivity.

 Olive oil is used in the manufacture of many moisturizers due to its great properties and benefits, in treating the skin from red spots and skin infections.

Sun flower oil

The rich properties and elements present in sunflower oil contribute to the treatment and hydration of dry skin. Linoleic acid and other fatty acids moisturize and saturate the skin, plus it relieves and calms irritation and redness caused by inflammation.

Jojoba oil (for face and body)

Jojoba is a desert plant that has been used for hundreds of years to treat skin diseases and dryness, because it contains important acids and elements that act as a protective layer over the skin, helping it to maintain its properties, as it is very similar to natural oils, and it stimulates the skin to produce a moderate sebum percentage. and normal.

Coconut oil (for the body only)

One of the famous and preferred oils in the field of natural beauty care is coconut oil, because it greatly moisturizes dry skin and heals it from sensitivity and irritation.

Rosehip seed oil (for face and body)

This oil is rich in beta-carotene and omega acids. Experiments confirm that rosehip seed oil reduces scars and inflammatory effects. (It can also be used to treat frizzy hair).

Sesame oil (for face and body)

Good for treating dry skin and moisturizes it naturally, especially in winter.

Almond oil (for face and body)

It exfoliates dry skin, rids it of dryness and moisturizes it to become more vibrant.

Apricot oil (for face and body)

Adds a nice and refreshing feeling to the skin, especially when it is exposed to sensitivity and irritation.

marula oil

This oil manages to absorb into the skin within a few minutes of massaging it in, yet it's rich enough to moisturize and soothe your dry skin all day - or night - for a long time (thanks to a hefty dose of fatty acids).

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