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Recipes and oils for long and soft hair


 Long and smooth hair

For those who do not want to have long and thick hair, the high costs of the formulas and ingredients available in the market may be preventing you. 

Recipes and oils for long and soft hair
Recipes and oils for long and soft hair

The happy thing is that you do not need to buy these expensive products, but you can get them from your kitchen with simple and easy to make ingredients, so we brought you, madam, many wonderful and proven recipes to lengthen and intensify hair.

 All you have to do is choose what suits you.

Recipes for hair lengthening and thickening

 Banana mask 

Mash a ripe banana after peeling it until it becomes like a paste, and apply it to your hair completely and then wrap it with a nylon bag for a while, you can use a hair dryer to dry it, leave it for twenty minutes and then wash it with water.

Caffeine recipe 

Put a tablespoon of coffee in a new, unused shampoo bottle and mix well. Hair is washed twice a week.

 It is also possible to mix a tablespoon of coffee with two cups of water and spray the hair with it once a day.

Honey and onion juice

 Squeeze one onion and mix its juice with two tablespoons of honey, and put them on all the hair from the scalp top to bottom, then cover and leave for one night.

 Wash it in the morning with shampoo to get rid of onion smell.

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 Wet your hair with a little water, taking care not to wet it completely, and rub it with mayonnaise, starting from the roots to the ends, then rinse the mayonnaise with shampoo after twenty minutes.


The high acidity present in vinegar helps the hair to regain its natural acidity that it lost as a result of the dyeing process. 

Bring any kind of vinegar and add half an amount of it with a quantity of water and use it twice for two weeks for a certain period and then reduce the period gradually until you reach its position once a month.


 Mix rosemary powder with a little water and massage it into your hair from the ends to the roots, you can leave it on your hair throughout the day as it is a very light mixture so there is no need to worry.

Yogurt and egg mask 

Mix one egg with two tablespoons of mayonnaise and a little yogurt until you get a smooth paste, then massage it into the scalp only and cover your head with a nylon bag so that the mixture does not fall. 

Leave this mixture on your head for an hour before washing it to get a better result.

Oatmeal mask

 Mix half a cup of oats with half a cup of milk in addition to two tablespoons of olive oil until you get a cohesive paste, then put it on your hair and leave it for twenty minutes, before rinsing it with shampoo. 

This mixture strengthens your hair and resists graying.

Mixtures of oils to lengthen and intensify hair and soften it

  • Olive oil with egg yolk

 Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil and dilute the mixture with a little water, then apply the mixture from the scalp to the ends and leave it for 15 minutes.

 One of the benefits of this recipe is that it provides the hair with vitamins important for its growth and intensification.

 Only used twice a month.

  • Coconut oil and avocado 

Massage your hair with coconut oil from the roots to the ends, then take an avocado and mash it and then put it on the ends of the hair only, leave your hair for thirty minutes before rinsing it. 

Repeat this recipe once or twice a week until you get a good result.

  • Almond oil 

Grease your head with almond oil from the scalp to the ends and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it. 

Repeat the method once or twice a week to nourish and strengthen your hair, especially if it is damaged and dry.

  • Coconut oil and lemon juice

 Mix one part lemon juice to two parts warm coconut oil and massage it into your hair and leave it for more than 6 hours or overnight before rinsing it with cold water. 

Make sure to heat the coconut oil gently and avoid using the microwave.

  • Olive oil and lemon juice

 Put two tablespoons of lemon juice, olive oil and water in a bowl and mix them together, then massage your scalp while it is wet and leave it for 20 minutes after wrapping it with a warm towel, then rinse it with water and shampoo.

  • Mix several oils

 Mix one teaspoon each of rosemary oil, basil oil and lavender oil together, then add five drops of the oils mixed with a teaspoon of burdock oil and aloe vera gel. 

Apply this mixture all over your hair with a massage and the longer you leave it on your hair, the better the result.