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Sage herb: to treat gynecological diseases, colon, asthma, and skin diseases


 Sage herb or Mary’s herb

 It is one of the oldest known herbs thousands of years ago. It is used in the treatment of many diseases and physical problems that affect humans. 

Sage herb: to treat gynecological diseases, colon, asthma, and skin diseases
Sage herb: to treat gynecological diseases, colon, asthma, and skin diseases

It was used by the Romans in medical treatments, and it is currently used in the medical industries.

 It needs enough sunlight to speed up its growth, and its leaves are characterized by a gray-green fur feel, and its stems are like wood, as it blooms in the summer, and it has a strong and fragrant smell. 

This herb is spread in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, such as: Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and other countries.

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The benefits of the sage herb are countless

According to studies conducted on the effects, it was found that sagebrush is one of the herbs that were used in the treatment of liver diseases, infections, colon, and womens deseases, as they were extracting therapeutic oils from it, in addition to that, it has many benefits, including: 

• It has the ability to resist and treat multiple cancer cells, as well as prevent the spread of cancer and eliminate its presence; In order to contain sagebrush materials against oxidation.

 • Eating sagebrush increases the body's immunity, which makes it fight cancerous cells in the lung and makes the body get rid of it by 50%, according to studies confirmed.

• It contains many vitamins necessary for the human body, such as vitamin C, which has an important role in protecting the skin, gums and bones, and also an important vitamin, vitamin A, which works to get rid of the manifestations of aging and wrinkles in women.

 • The extracted oil treats rheumatism and bones, and drinking and applying oil helps relieve various pains. 

• It treats many problems such as stomach pain and indigestion, in addition to the colon. It also eliminates vomiting and diarrhea and expels gases.

• Treats menstrual pain in women, and relieves digestive disorders that precede the onset of menstruation. 

 • Studies have confirmed that it has an effective role in getting rid of asthma symptoms. 

• As for weight and diets, it helps to lose weight and get rid of excess fat, especially in the waist area.

• It has the ability to treat skin problems and roughness, and massaging the body with its oil stimulates blood circulation.

 • If you want to have beautiful and attractive skin, you just need to grind sage paper and mix it with honey, and make a mask that is placed on the face for 20 minutes, then wash the face, and this can be repeated several times to get a better result. 

• It stimulates blood circulation, and this is one of the important things that make the body get rid of diseases that it may face in the future, especially when old. 

• If you are one of the people who suffer from the problem of bad smell in the feet, you can get rid of this problem by putting sage powder inside the shoes for a certain period before wearing it.

• Treats itching that affects the genitals and the anus, by massaging the site of itching with sage oil, which has a strong effect on getting rid of this itching, even if it is severe. 

• It can also treat women's infections, cleanse the uterus, and treat many problems women face, such as white gonorrhea, so sage has been introduced into the manufacture of many medicines. 

• Women used it in the past to stop milk after weaning, and this is proven by studies on the ability of this herb to stop the work of the milk glands when ingested, in addition to that it is used to stop the blood in the event of bleeding after an abortion.

From a psychological point of view, it works to treat psychological tension and depression, and relieves the problem of insomnia that afflicts the elderly.